Market Access


Countries have various systems controlling the import of products. Often authorization from regulatory authorities is required.  

If you want to sell products successfully into international markets you need the correct approvals. Following are descriptions of the most common routes to gain approvals.
Type Approval:
This refers to the testing or evaluation of a product to regulatory, technical and safety requirements.  It results in a Type Approval Certificate being issued by the country's regulatory authority. Examples of this are Argentina, China and the USA.
The product is registered by the regulatory authority and listed on a database of approved products. This may be in addition too some of the other routes described. Examples of this are Singapore, Paraguay and Canada.  
Declaration of Conformity:
The manufacturer or importer signs a declaration stating that the product conforms to current product specific requirements. Examples of this are: Europe, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.
Batch Inspection:
This may be allowed if a limited number of product (<25 - 50) are to be marketed in a country. A country inspector will evaluate one or more samples against published standards. Each shipment will be subjected to inspection.
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